J I Hunter J I Hunter

Jim Hunter Founder and President

Over the past 45 years Mr. Hunter has developed, owned or managed, industrial, office, retail and residential properties totaling in excess of 6,000,000 square feet and more than 8,500 acres of land in Canada and the United States. His start as entrepreneur was as the owner of a successful restaurant while attending college. He began his real estate career as Manager of Corporate Leasing and Property Administration on a contract basis for a major trust company. His portfolio encompassed $200,000,000 in assets. While realizing his entrepreneurial spirit, he co-founded the Churchill Corporation which is currently a $250,000,000 publicly traded commercial construction company. He was also a major investor in private companies involved in commercial electric, construction, oil and gas, food processing, and high tech ventures. During this time, he developed several residential, as well as commercial and industrial, subdivisions.

In the late 1970’s Mr. Hunter spent most of his time in the Denver/Vail, Colorado area and continued his development of apartments and shopping centers. He moved to the Bay Area in the early 1990’s and began to purchase office buildings. His first purchase was an 8 building complex, 480,000 square feet, located in the Parkway Center of office buildings near the Oakland International Airport. Over the years he added to this portfolio through the acquisition of multiple office buildings in the downtown Oakland and San Francisco area. He moved back into building and development in 2004 during the real estate boom and in a joint venture with Ritz Carlton converted two office buildings in his portfolio into luxury residences.

Mr. Hunter has an extensive track record in adding value to opportunistic acquisitions of heritage commercial buildings through renovation, repositioning and refinancing the assets. He is committed to enhancing the unique experience that comes with building a project from the ground up. His success relies on strong teamwork that combines the expertise of the developer, contractor, financing, and other specialists from beginning to end. In 2008 he founded the Verde Pacific companies, that include besides his investment/development, a brokerage and construction company (www.verdepacific.com). Mr. Hunter has been on a number of private and public company Board of Directors, as well as industry organizations; such as The Young President’s Organization and the Urban Land Institute. He is currently a member of the World Presidents Organization. Mr. Hunter holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and obtained his qualification as a Chartered Accountant.